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May 2022: The ODDS Database was featured by the Psychonomic Society! Check out the blog post!

March 2022: Our new anomaly-search scene stimuli database, the ODDS Database, was published on Behavior Research Methods! 

  • You can download the database from OSF.


June 2021: Our paper on prospective memory and attention was accepted for publication at Memory & Cognition!


December 2020: Our research on the development of expertise in visual search has been accepted for publication at CR:PI !

May 2020: Our research on incidental memories during visual search has been accepted for publication at Memory & Cognition!

About Me

I am an assistant professor at the Psychology Department in Rollins College, where I teach courses on general psychology, human memory, sensation and perception, and research methods. My research focuses on examining the interaction between attention and memory. Using a wide range of experimental techniques, including eye-tracking, mouse-tracking, and pupillometry, I investigate the cognitive processes involved in recognition and prospective memory, decision-making, and visual search. 

Juan D. Guevara Pinto.jpg

Juan D. Guevara Pinto

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Rollins College

Google Scholar Profile

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